Tristam Hardman

Systems and Marketing Manager

Tristam’s various roles all involve helping Investing Ethically run better – including working on our business processes, IT systems, data analysis, and marketing.

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Tristam Hardman | Systems and Marketing Manager

Who is Tristam

Tristam Hardman joined Investing Ethically in 2019. Prior to that he spent over twenty years in the UK Civil Service (Cabinet Office and HM Treasury) in a variety of management roles: Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable procurement, product management, business analysis and IT-enabled change. Tristam has a PhD and BSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia.

Tristam and his wife Lisa have two adult children and have lived in Norwich for many years. He’s a keen walker and enjoys cooking, reading, and crosswords. He’s currently studying for a qualification in counselling. Tristam sometimes enjoys that he’s a Norwich City season ticket holder.


In the summer of 2023, Tristam spent five weeks walking across Sweden and Norway - along the St. Olavsleden pilgrimage route - finishing in Trondheim. Fortunately he didn't encounter any bears along the way.


Tristam is a volunteer cook at Food Cycle and - on Fridays - helps prepare community meals using food that would otherwise be thrown away from supermarkets. Like 'Ready Steady Cook' but on a much bigger scale!


Tristam has the privilege of being married to Lisa, one of our Chartered Financial Planners. As undergrads they were both in the UEA Morris Dancing side. This used to be embarrassing for their two children, but is now apparently cool again....

What's it like working at Investing Ethically?

I really enjoy the variety here at Investing Ethically. Most of my work involves looking at how we operate as a business, and how we can get even better. My role doesn't include advising clients, but I do quite a lot of research and analysis of companies, funds and markets. We're a small company, which is a big change from where I've worked in the past. Everyone gets on really well. We're serious about doing a good job, but we have fun too.

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