Andy Hockaday

Director and Chartered Financial Planner

Andy has been a financial adviser for over 23 years. He gained Chartered Status in 2017. Andy is also the Director responsible for the Investment Committee Meeting and Central Research.

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Andy Hockaday | Director and Chartered Financial Planner.

Who is Andy

Andy Hockaday has a degree in Geography and Town Planning. He has worked with Investing Ethically since 2006, having previously spent 9 years working as a financial adviser for Aviva and Barclays. Before he joined Investing Ethically he’d become increasingly disillusioned with mainstream financial services – where the whole emphasis was the pursuit of profit, with little consideration to anything else. At Investing Ethically, he found something different.

Andy lives 10 miles outside Norwich near Rockland Broad. He is married and has two children. He enjoys outdoor related activity and can often be found hiking, canoeing or camping around Norfolk, or further afield when the opportunity arises.


Andy enjoys live music. If he can drag his daughter or son along and incorporate a weekend away, then so much the better. His musical taste remains stuck in a strange 90’s indie time warp.


Andy likes to weave in a small amount of adventure into life when he can. This summer he had a 5 day wild camping canoe trip down the Dordogne. Hot showers and white fluffy towels were very welcome at the end!


In his misspent youth, Andy Hockaday had 2 years back packing in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand and still enjoys travelling today. Last year he had an enjoyable 3 week road trip in Western Canada with various wildlife encounters including bears, moose and super cute Marmots.

What does ethical financial planning mean to you?

If you are interested in connection and expressing yourself in the world – aligning the way you live your life in accordance with your deepest values – then Investing Ethically can help you do it with your money life. For example, if you are concerned about climate change then your portfolio can be constructed to promote renewable energy and avoid fossil fuels. Or if you are veggie then you can avoid animal testing. The world of ethical finance can be complex and confusing with the use of words like responsible, ESG, impact, sustainable, light green, dark green etc. We live and breathe this so our depth of knowledge will help you understand how your ethical concerns can be taken into account with your financial objectives.

What's it like working at Investing Ethically?

I really enjoy being in the position to help people with their financial choices and being able to promote an activity which makes the world a better place. The nature of our work means that our clients are always interesting too. Its great to feel like I’m part of the solution, rather being part of the cause of the many problems facing the planet today. The only downside is the ongoing time management issues!


Staying aligned with your ethics and values

Working together we will explore ideas and possibilities, making sure we stay aligned with your ethics and values.

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