Phil Cockrell

Director and Chartered Financial Planner

Phil Cockrell is a Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years experience as a financial adviser. He gained Chartered status in 2017 and has additional qualifications including long-term care and equity release. Phil is also the Compliance Director of Investing Ethically Ltd.

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Phil Cockrell | Director and Chartered Financial Planner

Who is Phil

Phil Cockrell has been part of the adviser team at Investing Ethically Ltd for more than two decades. After graduating with a Masters degree in Environmental sciences from UEA, Phil initially worked for a local firm of book printers before a career shift brought him to Investing Ethically Ltd in early 2001. Phil had an interest in economics and finance and the opportunity with Investing Ethically Ltd combined his environmental background with personal finance.

Outside of work, Phil is married with two teenage sons and lives in South Norfolk.


Phil is a regular volunteer with the Ted Ellis Trust in Norfolk helping to preserve the unique fenland habitat of Wheatfen Reserve.


Phil enjoys all things outdoors – with a passion for wildlife and the natural environment – and an obsession with creating ponds!


Phil likes to keep fit playing super veterans football (super veterans is for players over 45!). Phil says he is not quite ready for ‘walking football’ just yet.

What does ethical financial planning mean to you?

Ethical financial planning reflects the powerful combination of our company ethos and the service that we provide. As a business we’re built on shared values of honesty, integrity and teamwork. For our clients we provide personalised financial solutions which make a clear and positive contribution to society and the environment. I see this combination as being a great motivator and strength for colleagues and clients, who benefit from engaging with a genuinely ethical business. I have a long-standing interest in the natural environment and through my role as a Chartered Financial Planner I can bring this depth of knowledge to the day-to-day client conversations and formal advice I provide.

What's it like working at Investing Ethically?

As one of the business owners I am possibly a little biased here, but I am proud of the company we are building. We work very hard to develop a positive culture which encourages our colleagues to develop and through this we believe our clients will benefit from the knowledge, professionalism and care delivered by the team. Whilst there are many challenges in running a business and advising clients, every day is different and the job itself is personally rewarding. We can make a real difference to the lives of our clients and help them to make the most of the opportunities that life presents. Through our ethical discussions with clients we are able to harness the power of their money to bring real change to our world for the good of all.


Staying aligned with your ethics and values

Working together we will explore ideas and possibilities, making sure we stay aligned with your ethics and values.

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