Silver steps for our Carbon Footprint

We signed-up to the Norfolk Carbon Charter back in 2018, as part of our commitment to managing our carbon footprint.

Silver steps for our Carbon Footprint | Carbon Charter 2022

Since our last assessment in 2020 we’ve taken more steps to reduce our footprint – including new double-glazed windows and doors, new LED lighting, encouraging more cycling to work, and a significant reduction in our business mileage (holding many more meetings online).  These steps have helped us to decrease our footprint by 16% in the last 2 years.  We’re delighted that, as a result, we’ve retained our Silver accreditation.  The Charter is all about continuous improvement – and we’ve already got more things planned for the next year!  Big thanks to Richard and all the team at Groundwork East for their support.


Investing Ethically | Roundel Logotype

Investing Ethically
25 January 2023

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