Investment Proposition

A client’s unique financial objectives and ethical concerns are at the heart of our investment proposition. The portfolios we create consist of funds run by some of the most prominent ethical managers in the industry. Our independence allows us to tailor these to you and meet your ethical motivations. The proposition is reviewed and refined regularly to optimise financial and ethical objectives. It is important to adapt to changing circumstances, but also to stay true to our beliefs. At Investing Ethically, our focus is always on you, with our knowledge helping you to adapt in a way that feels comfortable and progressive.

Norwich Ethical Investment & Financial Advisers

At Investing Ethically, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a truly independent and unrestricted service to our clients. This means that not only are we not unduly influenced by any single provider, but that we also have access to all the esoteric and specialist investments that the market has to offer. For this reason, we seek out opportunities that suit our clients, and not the other way around.

Our Investment Proposition service places these values squarely at its centre. Our clients are each unique in their financial and ethical aspirations, which is why we make sure to treat them in that way. Our robust set of principles in this area guide our decision making and ensure a customer-centric process.

Thanks to our vast experience in the ethical investment industry, we are able to develop portfolios on behalf of our clients that are run by some of the best fund managers in the business. Each fund within these portfolios has been subjected to rigorous analysis, both on quantitative and qualitative criteria. This is the best way to deliver consistently good returns for investors.

The Investing Ethically Investment Committee formally reviews all funds on a quarterly basis, to ensure the investments remain appropriate. The committee is comprised of our own advisers, supported by an external compliance consultant.

The Selection Process

  • The selection process begins with detailed research, analysis and due diligence. This is based on the ‘harder’ quantitative data. In addition to our own research, we also buy in a third party resource. This comes in the form of a market leading research tool called ‘Financial Express’.
  • Decisions around constructing the initial strategic asset allocation, and the ongoing tactical changes, are informed by another third party resource, the ‘Distribution Technology’s Dynamic Planner’.
  • The ‘softer’ more qualitative data is gathered from personal fund manager meetings (both face to face and remote) and attendance of a wide range of industry seminars, meetings and events, including the Personal Finance Society (PFS).
  • The ethical dimension is developed and updated, thanks to strong relationships with the ethical research teams at each of the fund houses. Meetings with key members of these teams, and membership of the Ethical Investment Association (EIA), is combined with our own research to ensure our knowledge is sufficiently diverse and informed to meet our clients’ needs.