Accessibility on our new website

We've built our new website with accessibility features that make it easier for everyone to use.

We’re really pleased with our new website!

We feel it says a lot about who we are, what we do, and what we believe in.

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Some websites are easier to use than others, especially for people with disabilities.  Accessibility is an important part of our new website’s design. For example, we’ve looked carefully at features like the size of the text, the contrast between colours, and the way that images are used.

We’ve also added a extra tool so that users can personalise how the site works for them, to make it best suit their accessibility needs.

You can open this special ‘widget’ by clicking on the little round ‘person’ icon at the top-left of the page, or you can press CTRL + U on your keyboard.

This allows you to adjust things like the size and shape of the cursor, the ways that links are highlighted, and the font you see. It includes a Dyslexia Friendly font. Your preferences can be saved for whenever you visit.

Please click on the little icon and have a try. We’d love to hear what you think about the site, especially if you are user with particular accessibility needs.

Investing Ethically | Roundel Logotype

Investing Ethically
15 April 2024

PS – If you’re interested in the technical details…. In the most recent testing our website has scored 100% for Accessibility features on Google Lighthouse. The widget is an add-in from

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