Trustee Investment Planning

Setting up a suitable trust for either your charity or family estate needn’t be challenging. At Investing Ethically, we are able to guide you through the process, so that you always feel sufficiently informed to make good decisions. We offer professional advice and counsel you on fulfilling the responsibilities of acting as a Trustee, as well as how to safeguard the Trust’s assets accordingly. We are committed to helping you achieve your aims and will guide you through our structured process, whilst always retaining the personal service that keeps our clients feeling valued and understood.

Norwich Ethical Investment & Financial Advisers

What is trustee investment planning?

The role of a trustee is that of a guardian. Trustees manage the trust’s assets on behalf of the beneficiaries. Trusts can be used for tax planning or for safeguarding assets for people who are unable to hold and manage it themselves.

The Trustee Act 2000

The Trustee Act 2000 came into force in February 2001. The act gave trustees wider powers than they had originally enjoyed under previous legislation. It also ensured there were robust safeguards against abuse of these new powers, enforced by imposing a ‘duty of care’ on trustees whenever they exercise their powers.

If trustees do not have sufficient knowledge or experience to make decisions about the trust assets, they need to seek professional advice. This applies to both proposed investments and existing ones. It is therefore imperative that trustees regularly review their trust funds.

How can we help?

At Investing Ethically, our experienced advisers are able to deliver trustee investment planning services that cover a range of different trusts. These include both charitable and family estate planning.

Under the Trustee Act 2000, inexperienced trustees are legally obliged to seek professional advice on the investment of trust funds. This is why it is important that you approach a firm who not only has experience in trust planning, but also can be trusted to source suitable investment solutions.

  • The services we offer to trustees includes:
  • Ethical review of existing trust assets
  • Tax advice relating to trusts*
  • Investment advice
  • An on-going portfolio review.

By receiving professional advice, trustees can be confident that their decisions will be beneficial to the trust. We will guide and support you through the options, so that those who are benefitting truly do receive the most advantageous outcome.

*Tax advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.