Investment Planning

Have you received a sizeable inheritance, or have capital to invest from the sale of a property or business? Are you looking to save for your children’s university fees, or to put a deposit on a house? At Investing Ethically, we believe in simplifying the process of investing and explaining the options in clear, concise language. Once you understand the choices available, you can truly make a decision that will put you on the path to achieving your goals.

Norwich Ethical Investment & Financial Advisers

Savings and Investments

From the moment we sit down with a client, we are looking to establish answers to the following questions:

  • What are you looking for your money to do?
  • Are you looking for growth or an income?
  • What level of risk are you willing and able to take?
  • What are your ethical and environmental values?
  • How much can you invest?
  • Will you need access to your money?
  • What is your tax position and how will it look in the future?
  • Are you making use of available tax efficient products and allowances?

Only by having these questions answered can we begin to utilise our vast knowledge of the market. To help you succeed in both your financial and ethical goals, we require your trust and your confidence. In return, we will offer our guidance and support throughout the financial planning process.


Wealth Management

A core part of our work is the setup and ongoing management of ethical investment portfolios. By providing a full review of your existing investments, we can help you understand whether your provision is working in the most efficient way. If it isn’t, we will tell you, and advise as to whether transferring to a portfolio which offers some of the following benefits might be more beneficial:

  • Ethical concerns (i.e a wider range of ethically screened funds or bespoke solution)
  • Lower Charges
  • Better Functionality
  • Ongoing Review Service
  • Reducing both Paperwork and Complexity
  • Improved Tax Efficiency

You advisor will be with you throughout the process, from initial reviews to implementation. We are here not only to guide you, but to support you too.

Discretionary Fund Management

Where clients either have an existing share portfolio or very specific ethical requirements.  

We work closely together with a Discretionary Investment Manager (stock brokers) to develop a tailored investment portfolio.  The role of the adviser is complementary to the Discretionary Investment Manager, with the later making the day to day investment decisions on behalf of the client.

Case Study – Simplifying investments

Penny had built up several investments over the years. She was looking for an overall review of her financial affairs and to start taking income that would boost her company pension. She also wanted her money to be invested in an ethical way.

As well as avoiding negative activities, such as arms, tobacco and fossil fuels, she also wanted to promote companies that were making a positive contribution. Passionate about the environment, she wanted to support renewable energy and recycling.

We explained the term ‘engagement’ to Penny, where investment managers meet with companies they invest in and seek to influence their behaviour by voting at AGMs. She liked the idea of this, and was surprised at how many ethically screened funds were available.

Penny was pleased with Investing Ethically’s recommendations, as we were able to accommodate both her financial and ethical requirements. All her investments were consolidated onto a portfolio of ethically screened funds and the income received gave her more than enough for her lifestyle.

She has been really pleased with how well the investments have performed over the last few years. Commenting ‘It has been very satisfying, being able to achieve my financial goals with a clear conscience.’