Employer Services

Are you looking for a way to motivate your staff and retain the most valuable members of your team? By providing benefits in addition to an individual’s salary, you can help to keep them stimulated and loyal, a strategic gesture as well as a generous one. Only by understanding the value of relationships can you begin to see your staff as more than just employees. We work with a number of employers and advise them on pensions (including auto-enrolment), protection and other employee benefits.

Norwich Ethical Investment & Financial Advisers


A pension is one of the most important benefits you can offer an employee. Now, under the government’s auto-enrolment legislation, it is a compulsory measure too. It is also important that pensions are regularly reviewed, to ensure that your particular scheme is still the most suitable for you and your employees.

As of 2013, under the Pensions Act 2008, employers are now required to automatically enrol all eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme. It is crucial that you stay on top of your staging date and have a provision in place where both you and each employee contributes. If it does feel like a daunting task, then we can help you to decide on a suitable scheme from the many available.

Death in service

You can help to ease the pain of an employee’s family who has died in service, by providing Death in Service cover for up to four times their gross earnings. Setting up a Death in Service policy will mark your company out as a quality employer who offers empathetic benefits. It also demonstrates your compassion as an employer.

Group Income Protection

If an employee falls seriously ill, or has an accident, income protection schemes can cover up to 70% of their net salary. Whatever your budget, there are policies that can cover for sickness.  The best contributing schemes do cover for sickness up until your employee returns to work, or reaches retirement age. You can arrange schemes to make payment for a set period of time as well, allowing you to accurately predict your cash flow.

Business protection

Unexpected events can happen at any moment, and in most cases will prove a huge setback for smaller businesses. In order to ensure that you can continue to meet the needs of your customers, while satisfying the demands of shareholders, employees and the bank manager, it is useful to have suitable protection in place. Our advisers have the experience and knowledge to be able to source the cover you require, weighing up the risks against the costs to find the perfect solution.