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Articles under the Ethical News category will offer a more rounded overview of what is a global sector. To be truly ethical, we make it our duty to stay abreast of immerging markets, to be able to recommend innovative new funds.

We Need a Change

Tackling Social Issues as Ethical Investors

We take a look at how, as an ethical investor, you can help to tackle some of the big issues facing society… The phrase ‘ESG’ has become a real ‘buzzword’ in business these days.  Basically, the ‘E’ is looking at how companies are managing and responding to Environmental issues such as climate change and the…


Ethical Investment and Russia

After months of increasing tensions and the well-publicised military build-up on the Ukrainian border, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. This caught many European leaders by surprise and has had an immediate and pronounced impact on financial markets reflecting the importance of Russia as a major oil and gas exporting nation and Ukraine as a…


Currency or Contempt? The Ethics of Cryptocurrency

Does cryptocurrency have a place in the ethical space? Our new graduate trainee Matthew Charles has recently completed his Master’s dissertation on the ethics of cryptocurrency – so who better to provide an introduction! It’s important to stress that this article is simply a summary of a broader subject.  The content should not be viewed…


Firmly Planted? Issues and Options for Vegan Investors

As companies and markets respond to the growing popularity of veganism, it raises fascinating questions – not just for vegans, but for anyone with an interest in ethical investment.  Many people – including Andy here at Investing Ethically – took part in Veganuary earlier this year.  The annual campaign has made great strides – from…


Norwich Ethical Investment & Financial Advisers

Meeting of Minds – Jupiter Ecology Fund

Expertise – and our specialisation in ethical investment – is a key part of the service we provide to our clients.  Maintaining this expertise is both exciting and essential!  We work hard to understand how businesses and markets are responding to the challenges of sustainability. Talking with industry leaders is a great way to keep…


Lisa joins panel with other Ethical Investment experts

Earlier this month, Lisa represented Investing Ethically at a roundtable on Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG).  The event – hosted by ‘New Model Advisor’ – brought together industry experts to discuss ethical investment – what’s happening now and what does the future hold?  As you might expect, the debate was wide-ranging and lively! Lisa reflects:…