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As a firm that offers support and guidance to clients each and every day, we wanted to find a way to share our knowledge and understanding of industry trends. Our dedicated News and Events page is a catalogue of internal updates and global ethical news stories. We encourage you to read, share and comment on our posts.

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As the name suggests, our Investing Ethically (IE) news will be specific to the firm. From welcoming new team members, to introducing ethical events; you will learn all you need to know about our team.

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Articles under the Ethical News category will offer a more rounded overview of what is a global sector. To be truly ethical, we make it our duty to stay abreast of immerging markets, to be able to recommend innovative new funds.

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The Real Living Wage

We’re a Real Living Wage Employer

It’s Real Living Wage week and – here at Investing Ethically – we’re marking our support for this important initiative. The Real Living Wage differs from the statutory minimum wages set by the government.  Currently the Minimum Wage (for under 23s) is £10.18 an hour, and the National Living Wage (for over 23s) is £10.42…


Two women in finance

Women in Finance – Diversity makes a Difference

Lisa talks about Investing Ethically’s continued support for the Women in Finance Charter and the importance of diversity in company management. ­Here at Investing Ethically we’re really committed to being an inclusive workplace, meaning that all our team feel they belong.  As an example, each year since 2018 we’ve been a signatory to the Women…


We are Chartered Financial Planners

Here at Investing Ethically Ltd we’ve held corporate Chartered status since 2017, and we’ve just been re-accredited for 2023.  Only a minority of financial advice firms are chartered – and we’re delighted to again be recognised in this way. Chartered status is awarded to Financial Planners showing eminence in the profession, by the Chartered Insurance…


Silver steps for our Carbon Footprint

We signed-up to the Norfolk Carbon Charter back in 2018, as part of our commitment to managing our carbon footprint.  Since our last assessment in 2020 we’ve taken more steps to reduce our footprint – including new double-glazed windows and doors, new LED lighting, encouraging more cycling to work, and a significant reduction in our…


Our Corporate Chartered Status

We’re pleased that Investing Ethically has again retained our corporate Chartered Financial Planner status with the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII).  Achieving Chartered status demonstrates a company’s commitment to customer service, professional development, and equality and fairness – with values, practices and policies that align with the CII Code of Ethics.  For us it’s part…


Demystifying Ethical Investment – Avoiding the Jargon

With issues such as climate change causing real harm, more and more people are looking to invest their money in ways which do good in the world.  Yet how to do this in practice can all seem a bit mysterious… To mark Good Money Week 2023, our advisers, here at Investing Ethically, are sharing their…


Biodiversity – Let’s all be Nature Positive!

With biodiversity under global threat, Phil shares his thoughts on protecting nature and how an important new initiative – the TNFD – could help. You might not yet have heard the words “Nature Positive” – but you probably will soon! Like many of you, I have a dog who loves a walk, usually twice a…


We Need a Change

Tackling Social Issues as Ethical Investors

We take a look at how, as an ethical investor, you can help to tackle some of the big issues facing society… The phrase ‘ESG’ has become a real ‘buzzword’ in business these days.  Basically, the ‘E’ is looking at how companies are managing and responding to Environmental issues such as climate change and the…


“Going against the flow” – ethical investments and water

With the global water crisis now impacting billions of people across the world, how is ethical investment helping to make a difference? Water is required across all sectors of society – for drinking and sanitation, but also to produce food, energy, and manufactured goods and services.  Global water use has risen at more than twice…


Ethical Investment and Russia

After months of increasing tensions and the well-publicised military build-up on the Ukrainian border, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. This caught many European leaders by surprise and has had an immediate and pronounced impact on financial markets reflecting the importance of Russia as a major oil and gas exporting nation and Ukraine as a…